Jim R

Jim Ristow
Triathlete / Ironman,
Personal Trainer and Author of
“The Fitness Buddy”

The Fitness Buddy Studio

1-on-1 personal training with Jim Ristow

Jim Ristow offers highly customized sessions at his Oswego, Illinois studio, encompassing weight and resistance training, cardio and nutrition. Using his simple, proven Fitness Buddy system, Jim fulfilled his dream to become a true Ironman.

Whether you're 35 and just need to get in shape, or a 5K runner looking to boost your results at the 10k, Jim’s personal training sessions and overall philosophy yields a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

No Contracts!
Hourly rates are competitive with “Big Box” gym personal trainers, without requiring a separate gym membership and enrollment fees. Couples rates are available.
See how we stack up against the "Big Box" Gym.


“Jim was a big help and as a trainer. You know where people with weight problems come from along knowing how to lead them to success. You were fun on the good days, a good listener and compassionate on our not so good days. You really were part of our success, and still are! Thank you!”

– Annie N.

“Jim is a phenomenal trainer. He understands the physical and mental aspects of weight loss. He is continuously committed to his clients and their journey for better health.”

– Anne R. (lost 82 lbs.)

“For about a year, I have been training with Jim. He has been one of the most positive, fun, and encouraging trainers one could have. He helped motivated me to eat better and become more active. He has become a mentor in my “journey of fitness” and there is no way I could have done it without him.”

– Colleen G.

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Call The Fitness Buddy at 630-636-8007 or email info@thefitnessbuddy.com

The Fitness Buddy Studio is located in Oswego and serving Kendall, Kane and DuPage counties.

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